MyZippa is a batch archiving utility. It's features it's own internal ZIP64 compatible format and also supports WinRAR (.RAR), 7-ZIP (.7Z), and WinZip, giving you complete control over your archives. If you find yourself archiving the same folders frequently and selecting the same options, MyZippa will save you hours of time. Once you've added all your folders and selected your archiving options, you can save them to a profile which can be easily loaded and executed or scheduled via Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Some of MyZippa's features:

1. Drag and drop folders from explorer or use MyZippa's own explorer to add folders quickly
2. Supports several archive file naming methods including full path name and folder name
3. Comprehensive logging with option to send log to a specified e-mail address on completion of task
4. User definable command line parameters for external archiving utilities
5. Can create an archive per selected folder or combine all selected folders into one archive file
6. Can be run from the command line, which means you can use it with any scheduling software, including the Windows Task Scheduler
7. Multiple include and exclude options for file selection including file masks and file attributes
8. A fully user-definable date and time can be appended to the archive name allowing you to create multiple archive "versions" in the same folder
9. Customizable sounds for successful and failed tasks
10. FTP capability to upload created archives to an FTP server
11. FTP site manager for maintaining multiple FTP server properties. Use this to quickly set up new profiles
12. An external application can be executed after the task is complete
13. Complete control over each selected folder, including archive name, masks and destination folder
14. NEW "Individually ZIP files in a folder" tool lets you convert all files in a selected folder, optionally including sub-folders into archive files
15. Stop and restart services before and after archiving
16. Clear files and folders before starting a task. NEW option to only remove files that are a specified number of days old
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Latest releases

MyZippa 3.5
17 September 2005

Saintly File Validator
26 September 2004

FileInvader 0.9 public beta
17 September 2005
FileInvader is a fast file searching utility with integrated previewing of many popular formats including JPG,BMP,GIF,PNG,TXT,MP3 tags and much more! Now includes previewing of ZIP and RAR formats. Unknown formats can also be viewed in hexadecimal!

*UPDATED September 2005*
Click here for a FileInvader screenshot
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MyZippa 3 main interface
MyZippa 3 options